Fiat Coupe



Introduced at the Brussels Motor Show in 1993, the Coupe was manufactured in Turin, Italy, by Pininfarina. It was sold until September 2000 with a total of 72,762 units delivered to customers.

In 1993 there were only 119 unit produced for the initial 1994 sales, this is one of those units.

As a true Italian sports car, the Coupe was a very passionate vehicle. It was fast in most of its variants and was very fast on corners thanks to its precise handling. Add a top speed of 155 mph (250 kph) for the range-topping five-cylinder, 20-valve, turbocharged, 2.0-liter unit, and you got the perfect everyday hot coupe.
The Coupé was a creation of several design minds, chiefly the American Chris Bangle who would subsequently court controversy with his designs for BMW. Originally the Italian design house Pininfarina was given the brief but ended up designing the interior and later assembled the car at their factory in Grugliasco and tested it at their plant in San Giorgio Canavese, north of Turin.
Fiat’s designers purposefully used historical cues to inspire the Coupé. Although the resulting car would often bewilder press and public - sometimes reflecting the terms awe and awful in the same breath - these design touches made the car something special and certainly one that couldn’t be ignored.
The cast-alloy petrol cap paid homage to the car’s heritage and the Fiat corporate sporting values, the round rear lights evocative of a Ferrari. The front snout of the car when viewed from a low angle, also bears relation to a previous Fiat sports, the Dino. The curvaceous polycarbonate headlamps were a deft touch. When Fiat’s design chief was asked how they would be washed he replied 'con amore'. Bangle also supplied the 'eyelash' wheel arch slashes which remained from prototype to production albeit in modified form.

The exemplar 1993 Fiat Coupe Pininfarina come in BLU BLITZ MICALIZZ 421A and just 19,000 Miles. The exterior body and paint has been retouched and received a full paint correction. The previos owner kept this vehicle his entire life in the garage and with an original FIAT car cover (yellow). Impressively the interior smells like a new Fiat bringing its originality and condition to a diferent level.

photo nov 12, 7 47 06 am (1).jpg

This vehicle has very extensive records dating 1993 and shows all the services performed since purchased. It comes with a clean Carfax and a clean clear GA title.

The vehicle received a full service including oil change, filters, a new clutch, valve cover and oil pan gaskets.

The interior shows an all original never disrupted or changed dash. No cracks, no wear and tear, it looks literally brand new. 

The exterior was retoched on a few chips and received a full paint correction to bring it back to its original glory.

This car comes with the original set of wheels that are wraped on new (2019 date) Bridgestone Potenza tires and a brand new set or Rotiform wheels 17x8.5 with Falken Azenis RT615K.

The vehicle is ready for showings in Alpharetta, GA.